PCLinuxOS Desktop Wallpaper Gallery

A gallery of photographs branded for the PCLinuxOS desktop.

Simply click on these images to get a full size view of the wallpaper. To download these images, right click on the image and select Same Image As... from the popup menu. Alternately, you can hold down the Shift key, then click on the image to download.

PCLinuxOS Chicago (1600 x 1050) PCLinuxOS Lakeview (greyscale 1600 x 1050) PCLinuxOS Lakeview (color 1600 x 1050) School of PCLinuxOS Harvest Moon 2017 BNSF 9825 at Valparaiso Light run on CN (ex-EJ&E) at Griffith Lords A Leaping Syndics of PCLinuxOS Harvest...in West Texas