PCLinuxOS Gallery

A collection of 1650 x 1080 wallpapers for the PCLinuxOS Desktop

This page contains wallpapers in 1600 x 1050 resolution that are created specifically for use with the PCLinuxOS distribution. Click on each of these images to view the wallpaper.

PCLinuxOS Chicago (1600 x 1050) PCLinuxOS Lakeview (greyscale 1600 x 1050) PCLinuxOS Lakeview (color 1600 x 1050) School of PCLinuxOS Harvest Moon 2017 BNSF 9825 at Valparaiso Light run on CN (ex-EJ&E) at Griffith Lords A Leaping Syndics of PCLinuxOS Harvest...in West Texas

...and some screenshots from my PCLinuxOS installation.

PCLinuxOS in the house