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Articles Published in PCLinuxOS Magazine

These articles in this list have been published in PCLinuxOS Magazine. Instead of replicating the articles on this website, I have provided links to the original article.

In addition to these publications, there is a useful article that I did not write, but is very useful for those of you who purchased a new laptop. If you wish to replace Windows 10 with PCLinuxOS on that new laptop, this article will show you how to do it.

Digital Photography

Audio and Music Software and Services

1For the current way to listen to Seeburg 1000 on PCLinuxOS (or Slackware), there is a link to an online player available at the Seeburg 1000 website.


Desktop Environments

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aTunes No Longer Works on PCLinuxOS, but still available for Slackware 14.2

The links to these articles are still active. However, the aTunes project has been inactive since 2014 and the product no longer works with the version of Java for PCLinuxOS.. (Java 1.8 is the last version of Java known to work with aTunes.)

However, the aTunes package is still available on Slackbuilds for the 14.2 Stable release of Slackware, so these articles could well work with this distribution.