What is Horneker Online?

Horneker Online is a collection of web resources that is about Linux with emphasis on the PCLinuxOS distribution, commentary about technology issues that effect us, and most importantly, our freedoms, including freedom of choice, freedom to collaborate, and freedom to think.

Here at Horneker Online, I do not request information from the viewer, that is, name, e-mail address, passwords, and so forth. Never had. Never will. Period.

My privacy policy is simple: Private means private. No exceptions. No nonsense. I never had to ask for information for the viewer in the past twenty years, nor do I have any intention on starting such a practice.

For this reason, the only contact information available are e-mail addresses.
I consider physical addresses, and phone numbers to be private information, and hence such data will never be divulged here.
(There are websites such as Whitepages.com that already provide that information.)

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Linux Support

Linux Support

Anything related to PCLinuxOS and Slackware can be found here, including this wallpaper shown to your left.

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Retro Tech

Sometimes, we long for the good old days. (FreeDOS support is here.)

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A separate blog has been established for commentary.

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Programming Topics

This section covers programming languages used for applications, website development, databases, and document production.

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But Wait! There's More!

Want to try PCLinuxOS on your Desktop or Laptop?

Simply download an ISO image, and write it to a USB flash drive or burn it to a blank DVD, then reboot your PC (or Mac) to try PCLinuxOS without disturbing the contents of your hard drive.

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