Gift of Scrovengi Analysis

While cleaning out a closet, I came across a paper that I wrote for a class called Arts, Form and Feeling back in the Fall semester of 1988 at Valparaiso University. The paper was an analysis I did on a painting by Steven Tavis called The Gift of Scrovengi. I scanned the original text as images into a PDF, which is viewable (and downloadable) from this website.

Thankfully, I described the painting in the first page, as I have not been able to locate the original painting. Even a Google search turned up nothing about the painting, nor about the artist who did the painting. What I do know was the the painting was done in 1987.

I have references to Langer embedded throughout the document. Susanne K Langer was the author of the book I read for the course, and the following Youtube video shows you who Langer was.

Click Here to View the Original Paper

The PDF was created by opening LibreOffice (the Word Processing module) and then scanning each of the pages at 75dpi in greyscale, with one scanned image per page. The images were compressed to save space, and the entire document was exported to PDF.

Note to Valparaiso University students: You should be able to recognize the written note at the end of the document as the notice that the honor code was upheld. If you choose to use this document in your works, be sure that you recognize (in a reference for example) that I am the original author of this analysis before placing your signature on your work. This is all that I require for the honor code to be upheld.