Perspective and Renaissance Art

Perspective and Renaissance Art was a research project I did during the Fall 1988 semester at Valparaiso University for the Mathematics Colloquial class. Instead of using a prepackaged project for presentation in class, I chose to do an original project, with original research using the resources of both Mathematics and Art Departments.

In fact, it was the art history courses I took during my time on campus that gave me the inspiration to do this project. A big thanks to Dr. Nina Corazzo for giving me the inspiration to do this project.

The original project (without the paintings) is available on this website as pages scanned to a PDF file. This is a combination of the document and its outline, typed on a Canon typewriter (I did not own a computer at that time.), and the graphics and chart of proportions prepared in the computer lab (at the location where the campus television and radio stations now reside).

This project is nearly 30 years old, and I have transscribed and revised the text into a 2018 Edition of the project using Texmaker running on PCLinuxOS. The sources are stored as a LaTeX file and processed using TeXLive to produce the resulting PDF.

Thanks to Creative Commons licensing, I have included the paintings in the new document, captioned with the source where the images were downloaded, and with appropriate (and proper) attribution.

Note to students of Valparaiso University and other schools with an honor code: Though this document is licensed under Creative Commons, the honor code for your school still applies when it comes to using material from anywhere on this website.

I had to abide by the honor code when I created this project, so I would expect the same from you if you are to use any material from this or any of my other digital properties.

This means, if you wish to use material from this project, you must acknowledge me as the original author of any material you use in your assignments. This is all I ask.

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