What is Horneker Online?

Horneker Online is a website that first supports the PCLinuxOS and Slackware distributions. Second, supports the promotion of free (as in liberated) and open source software, hardware and technologies. Third, supports the fine arts (digital and film photography, as well as video and music). Fourth, promotes the awareness and use of retro technologies. But, most of all, the website is about free thinking, i.e. to be liberated from the influence of social media (and mainstream media for that matter) in everyday life.

This website is in no way affiliated with nor is it a part of the PCLinuxOS or Slackware websites.

Linux Support

I do provide support for PCLinuxOS and Slackware distributions (and any derivative distributions currently being developed).

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Digital Arts

This section covers the fine arts (digital and otherwise), including digital and film photography.

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Think Tank

Designed to make you think for yourself. Contains commentary and other things that do not fit neatly into other categories on this website.

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Retro Tech

Sometimes, we long for the good old days. This section shows us the hardware, gadgets and software we used back in the day.

Support for OS/2 (ArcaOS) and FreeDOS coming soon in Retro Tech

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But Wait! There is more.

Until recently, I was hand coding my pages with HTML 5 and CSS 3.
The website worked fine until I realized how many PCLinuxOS users own smartphones,
and that this website did not display well on smartphones.

Thanks to AJ at HTML5 UP, I can now bring Horneker Online to today's web standards
and focus more on content and less on coding.

Note: The online shop on the Slackware website is no longer working. The store was intended to provide a source of funding for the Slackware Project. Since the release of Slackware 14.2 back in 2016, the operators of the store kept the profits from the sale of merchandise instead of turning the profits over to the developers of Slackware. As a result, the shop was subsequently shut down. A Cafe Press shop was opened as a replacement for the original shop, with Patrick Volkerding himself running the shop.

The lesson here, if you are going to open a online shop, never trust a third party to operate it.
Unfortunately, the incident resulted in financial problems not only for the Slackware Project, but for Patrick Volkerding and his family.

Another lesson we can learn from this is that projects such as PCLinuxOS and Slackware require funding in order to be successful.

For the Paypal account in the last link, this gives us an idea on the current financial shape of the Slackware Project.

Want to try PCLinuxOS on your Desktop or Laptop?

Simply download an ISO image, and write it to a USB flash drive or burn it to a blank DVD, then reboot your PC (or Mac) to try PCLinuxOS without disturbing the contents of your hard drive.

...or if you are up to the challenge.

Simply download an ISO image, and write it to a USB flash drive or burn it to a blank DVD, then reboot your PC to install Slackware. Live DVD images are available for download to try out Slackware without touching your current hard drive. To install Slackware, you must download one of the Installation DVD images.