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Welcome to Horneker Online
Celebrating 20 Years Online

Horneker Online is a website that is about:

  1. Linux with support for multiple distributions.
  2. The promotion of free (as in liberated) software, hardware and technologies.
  3. Digital arts and entertainment, with a purpose. (That purpose will be apparent as the website develops.)
  4. Most of all, the website is about free thinking, i.e. to be liberated from the influence of social media in everyday life.

This website supports multiple distributions. However, I am focusing on three in particular, namely PCLinuxOS, Fedora®, and Slackware.

Note: This website is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by the Fedora Project, the CentOS Project or Red Hat, Inc.

This latest incarnation now incorporates HTML 5 (for coding) and CSS 3 (for styling), and these pages are hand coded with Bluefish, as it has been since July 1996.

Recently Added

I have created some new wallpapers for the PCLinuxOS distribution. These are 1600 x 1050 in resolution and were derived from some of my photographs. Click here to view the wallpapers.