horneker online Celebrating 21 Years Online

Welcome to Horneker Online

Horneker Online is a website that is about:

  1. Linux with support for multiple distributions.
  2. The promotion of free (as in liberated) software, hardware and technologies.
  3. Digital arts and entertainment, with a purpose. (That purpose will be apparent as the website develops.)
  4. Most of all, the website is about free thinking, i.e. to be liberated from the influence of social media in everyday life.

This website supports multiple distributions with PCLinuxOS being the primary distribution supported here. Though Fedora is supported here, this website is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by the Fedora Project, the CentOS Project or Red Hat, Inc.

Currently Bluefish is the editor used for handcoding pages using HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards, and development of this website is done on a HP/Compaq 8510p running a current official release of PCLinuxOS.

Recent Changes

Now Optimized for Mobile Devices

This website has undergone a overhaul with a simplified design that also happens to be easy to navigate on mobile devices as well as making the website accessible to those who need screen readers to navigate the Web. Accessibility (ADA compliance) was my first priority.

The newsfeed that was present on this page has now been removed from this website. First, the newsfeed created compliance issues with HTML5 standards, as well as issues with accessibility for screen readers. Second, the newsfeed actually caused the overall website to take much longer to download, hence had a negative impact on the overall performance of the website.

In other words, The newsfeed actually slowed down the website to the point where it was unusable on mobile devices.

Some of the graphics are embedded inside some h1 tags in order to be usable to screen readers at the same time maintain the look of the web pages.

Lakeshore Linux Under Development

Lakeshore Linux is the new name for my Linux distribution.

Lakeshore Linux development has been moved to SuSE Open Build Service. Normally used to build RPM and Debian packages for the mainstream distributions, the service can now be used to create ISO images, as well as virtual machine images for VirtualBox, QEMU, and Docker, as the Kiwi builder has its own repository and libraries there.

The ISO images are now hosted at the OpenSuSE download servers in its own directory, so no longer is a login required to download ISO images.

Despite that, PCLinuxOS will be the primary distrbution for Linux support.


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